My FIRST Computer Build

Whenever I've heard stories about PC builds, I got excited and hoped that not only will I be able to afford to build one, but I will have the courage to even attempt to do it.

Working at Best Buy over the years, I was exposed to technology from every angle. I was fortunate to work with colleagues that had unique interests. Ranging from photography, graphic design, gaming, all the way to music production, I had a resource hub. Exploring many of those interests, the one that intimidated me the most was building computers. To physically assemble components one by one seemed laborious and I believed that I was too inexperienced. I was not ready for this daunting project.

It wasn't till a friend of mines at work named Thanh introduced me to his PC builds. He explained the process and provided resources for me to learn and find my components for a reasonable price. Once he told me that he would help me build when I am ready, I literally felt like I had zero execute to not build.

I wanted a custom build, but I did not want to rush the process and I certainly did not want be cheap about my build. I wanted something of high quality and performance. When I worked at Geek Squad, I asked a million questions to learn and understand the art of building.

For years, I’ve had a plan. I even held on to parts for as long as two years (I got those components for half price, so I purchased them early even though I was not ready).

Finally, I invested into myself and purchased all the parts and built my computer for the first time. Doing things for the first time is special, so I recorded the experience. Watch, thumbs up, comment, share, and most importantly experience the process with me.

Thank you 🌐




This website made the process ridiculously easier. A simple way to stay organized and on track with your build. Benefits are listed below.

  • Simple UI
  • Ability to add components to the list and look at specs in comparison to others
  • See thousands of builds similar to yours
  • Price Comparison Tool

    • Compares the price (including shipping) from other retailers
    • Can receive price drops alerts
  • Sharing List

    • A Public URL auto-generated
    • Ability to export list to text or markdown (for sites like Reddit)


r/buildapc has supporting community from enthusiasts to beginners. Majority of questions/concerns were already addressed after reading several posts. Through several posts, I found

  • Honest product reviews
  • How-to guides

    • Building
    • Troubleshooting
    • Recovery

There's no way one can go wrong by joining the community.