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3-Layer Application Architecture

Many applications use this traditional architecture and it may be ideal for apps with simple requirements. Presentation This layer…


Website Made From Scratch

That’s right! All code. I redesigned my personal site to include my resume, blogs, and projects. Designs made in Adobe XD. From Left to…


How It's Made: Websites

You visit them, you shop from them, and you may have or want one of your own. Have you ever thought about how they are made? CODING Each…


Securing Your Accounts

Account privacy should ALWAYS be a priority. Hackers have many reasons to hack (steal/leak info, disruption, money, politics, etc.) Let’s…


Learning SQL (Structural Query Language)

SQL is used to communicate with databases in order to manipulate & retrieve data. WHY LEARN? Many applications use databases to store…


Learning JavaScript: Fundamental Concepts

COMMENTS Single Line Comments: Begin with ‘//’. Multi Line Comments: Begin with ‘/’ and end ‘/’. NOTE: Adding ‘;’ at the end of statements…


Learning Python: Fundamental Concepts

Python is a simple and easy language to learn. It is one of the languages I recommended to learn in my Learn How To Code post. When learning…


Smart Light Widget

I usually control my lights with my phone. However, when I’m on the computer and want to change my lights, I would have to stop what I’m…


Control Lights With Code

Home Automation has been trending for years. I've had my Philips Hue Smart Lights for several years now and I've wonder how they function…


Learn How To Code

Websites, apps, computers, phones, game consoles, and games all contain software that allows them function. Software is made from code…